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"Snort Some Daisies": the new video of Bad Blues Quartet is out today.

It's called "Snort Some Daisies" the new videoclip of the Bad Blues Quartet, the first single extracted from the upcoming album "Bad Blues Quartet" (2017), the debut album by the Sardinian band formed by Eleonora Usala (voice), Federico Valenti (guitar), Simone Arca (Bass) and Frank Stara (drums). The official record release is scheduled for June 1st (the album will be officially released the same day with a concert at the FBI Club of Quartu Sant'Elena).

The video, directed by Doitforthemonster and shot in Cagliari (into well-known local clubs as Covo Art Café and Lima Lima), sees among the performers Alba Chiara Meloni and Viviana Kaiser as protagonists, with the precious participation of Valentino Mannias, Roberto Falchi and Patrick Atzori. This work is available on YouTube, Facebook e Vimeo, and depicts ironically the night-life of two friends. Between vintage Cadillacs, whiskey and hitchhiking, the final result is a thrilling and funny video as well as the same track. "Snort Some Daisies" moves between blues and rock, best representing the musical vision of the Bad Blues Quartet.

Here is the video!

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