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"Bad Blues Quartet" IS OUT TODAY

Available from Thursday 1 June on all the main digital music distributors "Bad Blues Quartet", debut album by the homonymous Sardinian band.

Preceded by the video of the first single "Snort Some Daisies", is officially released on June 1 "Bad Blues Quartet", the debut album of the homonymous Cagliaritan formation born after an intensive work in the Metropolitan Studio di Monserrato (CA) under supervision by Luca Picciau (executive production) and Massimo Satta (executive and artistic production). There are nine tracks in the album, nine tracks that translate the expressive urgency of the Sardinian band formed by Eleonora Usala (voice), Federico Valenti (guitar), Simone Arca (bass) e Frank Stara (drums), musicians who were born and raised with the blues and who find the fertile ground in the devil's music to express their own idea of music. The important recording work contains the precious collaborations of Sardinian musicians Vittorio Pitzalis, Rubens Massidda, Diego Milia e Alessio Sanna.

The cd graphic was edited by Zinnibiri (, while the photographs were made by Emanuela Meloni (

Bad Blues Quartet is available on all the main digital music distributors (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music) and in the official site of the band

Interested journalists can request album and press kit at thi email:

THE ALBUM - "Bad Blues Quartet" was recorded between December 2016 and April 2017 at Metropolitan Studio of Monserrato under supervision by Luca Picciau (executive production) and Massimo Satta (executive and artistic production). Most of the compositions had a short gestation because they were well-known and forged by many live performances in the months before the studio work. The album encloses and blends into it the four musical universes of artists, with the background and listening differences that each one brings to their common cause. Each of the eight original songs has a clear and outlined identity: it goes from blues-rock of "Snort Some Daisies" and "You Better Make Her Twirl" to the soul-funk flavour of"The Shelter", "Illusion's Song" e "Nureci", until reaching into more classical atmospheres such as the slow-blues "Me and my David's Blues", song embellished with the Hammond organ by Alessio Sanna. As a "must" in blues music, it could certainly not miss the sound of the harmonica, played in "Walker's Blues" by the multi-instrumentalist Diego Milia. The album contains two tributes: the first one in an original track called "Behind the Hat (SRV)", clear reference to one of the milestones of blues music, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan (in this trakc Alessio Sanna is playin the Fender Rhodes), while the second one is "Go Down Old Hannah" (closing track of the record), the only cover and acoustic song in the album. It consists in an old Texas fields work song first recorded by Alan Lomax in the 1930s. The cd version was recorded with a little help from two Sardinian bluesmen Vittorio Pitzalis e Rubens Massidda and wants to be a tribute to the Blues itself, the one with the capital B, sprouted in the fertile ground of the suffering sof African American population in the south of the United States. "Bad Blues Quartet" is a modern album that brilliantly describe the sound of the band "Bad Blues Quartet" and its deep love and respect for the father of 900th century music: the Blues, in fact.

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